Hello World.

after a long blogging hiatus, i hope to get back to more regular writing.

one thing different here: there won’t be as much of my former crazy red bold fonts, and I’m trying to ease off the profanity and ranting (altho there will probably still be a good bit of that). perhaps I’m getting conservative in my old age, or maybe I just feel less need to grab headlines these days. that’s probably bullshit (whoops!), but in any case it’s still the same old me.

if you want to read some of my old stuff, it’s still here, and some of my better posts are here. you can also find lots of my crazy presentations here.

most of my time these days is spent running 500 Startups, and I might occasionally write on our 500 blog as well.

as always these are my own thoughts, and don’t necessarily reflect my efforts at 500 Startups. likely unprofessional but still geeky nonetheless.

see you around.


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